Lost THX "Tex" Trailer: The Banned BFDI Trailer (2023)


If you don't like THX creepypastas (most likely to being cliche-ish), I recommend you don't blank the page entirely, Please!


If you thought Rohan's encounter with lost THX trailers were bad, Wait until you hear about this..

Anybody familiar with BFDI? If not, I'll tell you...The web series involved animated objects competing for an island of luxury.

However, One trailer forced my to watch the show with caution...

I was at McDonalds, ordering 20 Chicken Nuggets, 2 Large Fries & A Pepsi, When all of a sudden, When I got my food and left, A came across a cardboard box. I asked for who dropped it, With silence answering the question. So, I came up with the idea to take it home with me.

When I got home, I cut the box open using my scissors and inside the box was a THX-Certified BFDI DVD.

Lost THX "Tex" Trailer: The Banned BFDI Trailer (1)

The DVD consisted of Firey, Leafy & Bubble close to the camera, looking very worried while Tex is in the far back.

I then took the DVD out if the disc and put it in my DVD Player.

The DVD started, It began with a montage of clips from BFDI, Then, It took me to the menu, Which featured all of the BFDI characters in multi colored boxes, Including Tex with his own.

I pressed Play to watch a never-before-seen trailer. Just then, A warning popped up.

"This trailer was made for BFDI's 13th Anniversary, Despite not being THX-certified, And this trailer....Well, You know the drill. Watch at your own risk."

"End my suffering already.." I groaned.

The trailer started, It began in Goiky instead of the usual THX logo. The Announcer was announcing the next contest.

(Video) The Banned Over The Hedge THX Trailer (2014) - Ending Scene

"Okay, contestants!" He said. "Today's challenge is-"

Just then, The Announcer and the 20 original contestants heard realistic screaming and demonic screeches.

"What was that?!" Leafy asked.

"I don't know, Leafy!" Firey told her.

"Guys, I'm scoired!" Bubble yelped.

"Guys, I think Woody's trying to tell us something!" Blocky told the others.

Woody then realistically screamed, It was revealed that he spotted the THX Logo.

"Oh crap!" Flower said in a panic. "OUT OF IT'S WAY! IT NEEDS IT'S SPACE!"

Lost THX "Tex" Trailer: The Banned BFDI Trailer (2)

Everyone quickly ran from the Shadow as the THX Logo dropped down onto the grass.

The deep note played, But it's sound was demonic.

After the deep note, Tex dropped down, Startling Firey and scaring Woody.

"Gasp! It's you!" Golf Ball said angrily.

"Hello, objects!" Tex greeted sinisterly. "I see you've discovered my logo!"Firey walked up to Tex to confront him.

Lost THX "Tex" Trailer: The Banned BFDI Trailer (3)

"You ignorant pile of scrap!" Firey yelled. "I can't believe what you've been doing to those innocent people! You're killing them for absolutely no reason at all! And for what? Being afraid of a certain logo? That isn't an excuse to brutally murder someone! You're just making them more scared! It's like fighting fire with fire, It just makes more fire!"

(Video) The Lost THX Tex Trailer: Tex and F - DVD Menu

"I agree with what Firey said!" Leafy said, joining the conversation. "If they were even scared of you and your company, Just face the facts or leave them alone! We're gonna notify the cops and have you arrested if you don't redeem immediately!"

After hearing the two objects talk, Tex laughed really hard.

"STOP LAUGHING!" Tennis Ball yelled.

"I agree, It's not funny!" Coiny joined.

"Well, Not to you, at least!" Tex told them. "I'm not gonna be ashamed for killing people who are petrified of my logo! You think I'm stupid?"

"Yeah, red robot!" Snowball told Tex. "You are stupid!"

"That does it!" Tex demanded. "It's time for your next contest, Which is to try and escape SEXY TEXY!"

Just then, Tex took out a water bucket, a flamethrower, a bucket of tacks, a magnifying glass, a magnet, his machete, his moo can and other weapons, The contestants are confused as he took out those tools, But Coiny, on the other hand, laughs it all off.

"What are you gonna do with those, robo bozo?" Coiny mocked.

"This!" Tex said as he sliced The Announcer in half, with oil spewing out as The Announcer is a robot. The contestants gasp as they saw The Announcer's dead body.

"Now, Are y'all ready for your next contest or what?" Tex asked sinisterly.

"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Golf Ball told the objects.

The 20 contestants screamed as Tex was chasing after them.

"Come back here!" Tex berated.

(Video) Lost THX Tex: The Ultimate Of Noedolekcin (2004) Ending Scene

"What do we do?! Leafy questioned.

"I don’t know!" Bubble answered "He will try to destroy us!"

"Forget this!" Snowball told the others. "I'm giving him a piece of my mind! Come on, Coiny!"

"Right behind ya, SB!" Coiny told Snowball.

Snowball & Coiny ran to Tex and tried to attack him.

At that moment, Tex took out his machete and got ready to kill Snowball & Coiny.

"Pfft, We're not scared of you or your machete!" Snowball mocked.

"Oh yes you are!" Tex stated as he equipped melt mode and magnet mode onto his machete. Snowball & Coiny screamed as their fates were revealed.

Just then, Tex summoned a portal which resembled hell and Flower, Spongy, Blocky, Woody, Pin, Needle, Teardrop, Golf Ball, Match, Eraser, Pen, Tennis Ball, Pencil, Ice Cube, Rocky, Bubble & Leafy fell in, then the portal closed.

The only contestant left was Firey.

"That robot is gonna regret what he has done to my friends!" Firey stated.

Just then, Tex flew to Firey and sended him to the THX Logo, breaking his legs in the process. Firey screamed as his legs broke, but his screaming wasn't fake, Michael Huang sounded like he broke his own legs.

Firey cried realistically as lava droplets streamed through his face.

"Aw, Does that hurt, flame boy?" Tex asked.

(Video) The Lost THX Trailer & Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) Tex and Trina Aken Ending Scene

"YES IT FUCKING DOES!" Firey yelled.

This was shocking to me, no object in BFDI has cussed before.

"Well guess what, I was just like you once, Firey. Happy, creative, and kind. I had friends, and I had a job. But then, one person started to fear me and THX. I couldn't believe it. Then, more and more people started to fear me. I snapped. Became who I am today. Now, any good I had is gone." Tex said.

Firey began to cry some more after hearing Tex's tragic backstory. Shoot, I can't help but to cry as well, Since I always thought Tex was evil.

"I had absolutely no idea!" Firey said in tears. "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"

Tex thought for a moment, But it suddenly cut to the dead body of Firey. Firey's limbs were torn off, his mouth was a gape, and his eyes were hollow black holes.

After staring at the dead body, It cut back to the THX Logo. But this time, Instead of real people screaming, It was the BFDI screaming sound effect overlapped by the deep note.

Afterwards, Tex dropped down. I bet y'all already know what he said.

"Hello BFDI Fans, I've killed your favorite objects and their host, Because y'all won't stop having THXPhobia. If anyone out there still has fear of my company, You're dying next. Say goodbye to life, peasants!"

Tex then flew off, Laughing like an insane maniac.

Afterwards, The slogan the dropped down said "The Audience Is Eliminated!"

Y'all already know what happened next, I had my eyes closed, Preparing myself for a jumpscare, But instead, The DVD took me back to the menu.

Tramutuzed with the content in the trailer, I dug a hole, placed the DVD inside and put all the dirt back where it was.

I highly doubt I never see something like that again..

(Video) The Lost THX Kex Trailer: Hex and DemonSun - DVD Menu

(The end.)


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